Yoyo Visits Song Fa with Nathan Hartono

Yoyo Visits Song Fa with Nathan Hartono

23 Jan, 2018

UFM 100.3 DJ Kemin and local singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono brings YoYo on a trip to understand more about the Chinese New Year festivities in Singapore!

Why is Chinatown also known as Niu Che Shui (Bullock Cart Water Street)?

Nathan and Kemin leads YoYo through Chinatown, meanwhile introducing the panda to Chinese New Year treats such as Bak Kwa and pineapple tarts. (Check out the video for a bonus segment of Nathan singing!)

Mission Objective: Convince 2 customers to order the signature Bak Kut Teh

We struck a deal with YoYo - if they can successfully convince 2 customers to order the signature Bak Kut Teh, dinner's on the house!

Team YoYo in action


"I usually eat dough fritters together with my Bak Kut Teh."

Bak Kut Teh tip: dip your crispy Dough Fritters into the soup, and feel the burst of flavour when you eat it! In Singapore, Dough Fritters are commonly paired with a variety of breakfast foods, such as Bak Kut Teh, porridge, tau suan, and beancurd.

"What was it like meeting Jay Chou for the first time?"

Over dinner, Nathan Hartono also shares more on his career, writing music, and his experience at Sing!China. 

Team YoYo wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Watch the full video on Tencent here!