KBS Battle Trip Arrives in Singapore!

KBS Battle Trip Arrives in Singapore!

01 Nov, 2017

Korean comedians Yoo Minsang and Moon Seyoon take on the challenge to create a Singapore Food Bucket List! (Watch Video Here)

Their second stop - Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Since 1969

After an intense bungee ride at Clarke Quay, the duo came over to recharge themselves.

"This, one. This, one."

Premium Loin Ribs, Signature Pork Ribs, Dough Fritters, Xiao Bai Cai,
Honey Lemon Drink and Ice Lemon Tea


"How do you eat this bak kut teh- no no no the soya sauce goes with the chili!"

it's a fight...for the bigger ribs.

Minsang devours his Premium Loin Ribs with fervor 



Here, Seyoon teaches us how to turn Xiao Bai Cai into Kimchi


Simply dip in chili!