Is there Teh (Tea) in Bak Kut Teh?

Is there Teh (Tea) in Bak Kut Teh?

21 Jun, 2016

"I don't think there's tea inside this Bak Kut Teh."
Have you ever wondered why this local Singaporean dish is called Bak Kut Teh even though it does not have any tea in it? Watch Food Notes on Toggle to find out the answer and learn more about Kung Fu tea brewing from our tea merchant Pek Sin Choon!


Benefits of drinking Chinese tea - it helps to cut fat intake and lower cholesterol 

In this episode, Food Notes bring us on a journey to understand more about how different countries brew and enjoy tea.


Unknown Fragrance (Bu Zhi Xiang)

Unknown Fragrance and Xiang Ji Ji are what we call Bak Kut Teh teas because they are specially curated to complement the dish. (Bak Kut Teh teh, get it?)


Uncle enjoying his Kungfu tea after his bak kut teh meal

Tea brewing counters and tea sets are readily available at all Song Fa outlets so you can enjoy a full fledged Bak Kut Teh experience anytime! (Or have a quick Kung Fu tea brewing lesson from our service staff so that you can practice and showcase to your family and friends in future.)


Bak Kut...Teh~