Giving Back to the Community With Willing Hearts

Giving Back to the Community With Willing Hearts

14 Dec, 2023

We had the best time at Willing Hearts on the 20th of November where we helped volunteer by participating in activities like prepping vegetables as well as packing food.   

Willing Hearts is an organisation mostly run by volunteers supported by a small group of staff. Their main daily operations consist of preparing, cooking and distributing approximately 7,000 daily meals all over the island. Beneficiaries include the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, children from single-parent families or otherwise families living in poverty, and migrant workers in Singapore.  

“This year, we have challenged ourselves physically through different activities such as moving stores, packing and even meat cutting just to name a few.” Said Jeff, the training and development manager.  

When we arrived, we were divided up into groups. Some of us were tasked with preparing chicken in the kitchen to be cooked for the meals, while others were tasked with sorting and packing frozen food items. After being dismissed from our respective stations after completion, we all started working together at the food line to sort, spread and pack sandwiches into individual bags. Eventually, we saw our fresh sandwiches being transferred to a car, ready to be sent out to the beneficiaries.  

Here are a couple of reflections we had after the experience;  

“We are glad to have been able to come together and lend a helping hand with Willing Hearts. We hope that our efforts have made a positive impact and reached those who are in need,” said Jingyi, our Senior Marketing Executive  

“(I am) so proud to see the newer and younger staff experiencing whatever roles they were assigned and seeing all the colleagues, especially our bosses and directors, participating enthusiastically.   

Finally, I really respect all the full-timers having to prepare hundreds of meals daily and even having to invest time teaching us yet making sure we do it correctly. Respect!” said Jeff, our training and development manager.   

In addition, Song Fa donated 2000 halal chicken franks to support the meal production at Willing Hearts. Being in the Food and Beverage business, Song Fa is a company that places great importance on feeding people good food. We are glad to be able to feed those in need through Willing Hearts.  

On a closing note, Diana, our director of Branding and PR concluded, “No act of service or action is too small. We hope that the initiative the Song Fa Family has put forth can help the community and serve as our way of paying it forward for the blessings we have been showered with since our founding days.” 

Overall, it was a tiring, yet rewarding time volunteering at Willing Hearts. We hope to introduce more initiatives and opportunities for the Song Fa Family to give back and contribute to the community.